Payments can be made with cash or PayPal (All major credit cards can be used without a PayPal account)


Undercaste offers studio time at two price points. 



$50, $60 / hour (3 hour minimum)


PayPal, Debit/Credit Card

$52.50, $63 / hour (3 hour minimum)

Undercaste will send an invoice that can be paid with a PayPal account or Debit/Credit card once a session has been scheduled.


   - Hourly rate depends on the engineer running the session.

   - Studio time includes an engineer / producer

   - Hourly rate applies to Recording, Mixing/Editing, Development, Beat Revamp

   - Open 24 hours 7 days a week (by appointment only)

   - Payment must be made by the end of the session

   - 48 hour minimum advance notice to cancel a session


Session Example: 1 (3 hour session)

An artist comes in with a goal of completing 2-3 songs. Beats are typically 2-Tracks. (single stereo wav/mp3 file)


1. The beat for the first song is loaded in Pro Tools and quickly adjusted.

2. The artist goes in the booth and records with help or coaching from the engineer. While the artist is recording the engineer is mixing and editing the song.

3. When the artist is finished recording the first song the engineer will need a little extra time to adjust a few things and Bounce out the finished song.


These 3 steps are repeated. Usually 2-3 songs are completed in 3 hours.


Session Example: 2 (3 hour session)
An artist comes in with a goal of completing 1 high quality song. The beat is typically Tracked-Out. (separate wav files for each sound in the beat)


1. The Tracked-Out beat for the song is discussed, loaded in Pro Tools and adjusted to the needs of the song.
2. The artist goes in the booth and records with coaching from the engineer.  Vocals are perfected to make the song the best it can be. While the artist is recording the engineer is mixing and editing the song.
3. When the artist is finished recording the song, the engineer will take some time to Edit, Tune, Mix and Bounce out the finished song.


Usually 1 song is completed in 3 hours. Sometimes these songs are visited in future sessions to be adjusted and perfected.




This is the step that everyone thinks about when they think “recording studio.” You would think this would be the majority of what happens at Undercaste Studios, but there are several other steps that can take as long or longer.


Recording/Tracking at Undercaste consists mostly of vocal recording but can sometimes include instrument or percussion recording as well.




Mixing and Editing are crucial steps in making a great product. The producers of Undercaste are proud of their reputation for performing one of the best mixdowns available. One of the first steps of the mixdown process is the tedious editing and tuning of the multi layered vocals and instruments that make up a song. Next is equalizing, compressing and mixing each layer with specific goals in mind that meet the needs of the song and the standards of today’s sound.




A coach can be a great asset during a recording session. The producers of Undercaste Studios are involved with the creation of music on a daily basis and each have years of experience to share with the recording artist.


Many of the regular artists that work with Undercaste Studios take advantage of the Artist Development offered by the studio producers. This can immediately improve the performance and will improve the artist greatly over time.


When an artist fully understands studio etiquette the recording/editing process times can be cut down dramatically, saving money, while still maintaining a great performance.




As more and more artists have home studios, it has become easier to find background music for our recording artists to write to. While these home studios may produce good musical ideas, they mostly lack in high quality equipment and experience. We regularly “revamp” these music productions to meet the quality on the project the artist is working on.


Along with song revamp, Undercaste producers can create beats in session or sell custom pre-made beats to you. Of course you are welcome to bring in your own beats or leased beats for studio sessions.




The final and very important step in finishing an album/project is Mastering. This step happens after all songs are edited and completely mixed.


Mastering will give an album or project a cohesive balanced listening experience throughout all the songs. This process allows the mastering engineer to unify the album using EQ, Compression and Limiting creating a big consistent punchy full experience while not taking too much from the dynamics of the album. This will show off the quality steps taken from the beginning of the recording and mixing processes and make the album sound expensive. 


Most people confuse Mastering with the final Mixing/Editing process. Mixing/Editing needs to be completed before Mastering can be done. Pro Tools sessions for specific songs are not opened and adjusted during the Mastering process like they are in the Mixing phase. The final Mixing process will produce a high quality stereo wav file, per song, that is used in the Mastering process. 


List of general steps in the Mastering process:


1. Create a cohesive listening experience when listening from one song to another. Example: One song shouldn't have an excessive amount of high end compared to another.


2. Sweeten the songs by giving them the warmth and shine they need to compete with other similar industry products.


3. Bring all songs on the album to an industry standard level.


4. Transitions between songs are adjusted for the best listening experience.


Mastering will make your songs/album sound more expensive and should be done when releasing a commercial album or project.


Mastering is not considered “Studio Time.” Prices for mastering are different for each project. A general price estimate would be $63 a song. Text/Call to get a quote. 206 679-5313


Studio hourly rate depends on time of day and engineer.

Includes an engineer / producer




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