Isaac Meek,

owner and founder of Undercaste Studios, has been producing, engineering and playing music for the majority of his life. With years of dedication and schooling, he has given life to a "diamond in the rough" recording studio focused on rap/hip hop and surrounding music genres. His approach to the studio as an engineer / producer is dedicated to improving and preparing the artist for the music industry. He believes an artist should have a life changing experience at Undercaste and be welcomed into it's large family. Attention to detail and experience has made his artist development and mastering sought out by many recording artists. His business instinct and creativity insures future growth for Undercaste.

Randy Ross,

has been creating and producing hip hop artists for over 10 years. He applies his experience, from training both as a vocalist and an engineer, to the artists he works with. Through his technical skill and ability to connect with artists, he has proven himself a great engineer and producer. His business insight and managerial skills make him an important member of the Undercaste team. Randy’s strong work ethic and enthusiasm for growth brings artists and business ventures back to Undercaste Studios.

Elliott Eide,

has been producing, writing and recording hip-hop and r&b music for over a decade. He utilizes his understanding of each stage of the creative process to comfortably develop and encourage his artists.  Playing the talkbox has helped him establish a solid understanding of vocal harmonies, which he passes on to his recording artists.  His creative instincts and ability to improvise allow him to add on to songs either musically or lyrically when necessary.  Elliott's positive attitude, musical sensibilities and attention to detail are what keep his artists improving and coming back to Undercaste.

Lincoln Nettleton,

developed a passion for music from a very young age and has devoted himself to creating quality music and helping others do the same. While his main focus is hip-hop and rap music, being a multi-instrumentalist has given him respect and open-mindedness for music of all genres. With professional engineer and music theory training he is ready to help artists develop and grow in the music industry.


Seattle, WA




Nick Herrick,

began producing hip hop/rap beats at the age of 12 and has been recording and developing artists for over 10 years. As the newest member of the Undercaste team he brings a fresh perspective to the studio and the genre. He prides himself on keeping his finger on the pulse of the changing hip hop/rap production of today. With dedication to your goals and development you can feel comfortable with him driving your studio experience. 

Owner, Manager, Booking Manager, Producer, Engineer, Videographer

Engineer, Producer, Manager, Videographer, Photographer

Engineer, Producer, Artist Coach 

Engineer, Producer

Engineer, Producer