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More Studio C Absorbers

Busy this week with other studio stuff as well as things going on in our personal lives. Bass traps and sound absorbers can take a long time. Not because of the actual building of them but figuring out what frequencies that are trying to be affected and engineering a design that will work after fabric is wrapped over them. As you can see in the pic below these are not portable rectangles that are hung on the wall.

They are custom built-in absorbers and have a specific depth and airspace. Knowing there will be a lot of 808 work and super subby/dirty baselines in this little room we really need to tighten up the low end so we can hear all the nuances. Once the right type of spacing and insulation is added, fabric is stapled over and they'll need some kind of removable trim to cover up the fabric edge so we can service the inside of the absorbers in the future. There's lots of calculations and guess work involved. Of course we want to do the least amount of guessing but in the end we won't know exactly what it sounds like until it's built. Once it's built it's not easily changed... There's a lot of measuring 30 times and cutting once if we're lucky. Lol! Either way it can be a slow process and hopefully worth it when it comes down to a small room for recording, mixing, content creation and beat/sound production.

Isaac Meek

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