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More absorbers / bass traps

The month of November, at least for my family, is filled with every holiday, birthday party, wedding and family event that you can imagine. Don't get me wrong I like doing the family stuff but it doesn't make building a studio any faster.

We're still on bass traps for Studio C. We've done a lot of audio/room measuring. Staring at a lot of graphs and possibilities to make this room as cool as it can be within a certain budget. This not only takes a lot of engineering but also a lot of patience when it comes to quality control within a goldilocks zone of budget vs quality vs time. It's tough because you want to make it the best but the best isn't always the right plan...

Either way this studio is a combination of "permanent traps" which are built in and unmovable, and wall hanging movable traps. In the past I've used Owens Corning 703 to build these but I've noticed those really aren't covering the frequency bands that I thought they might... So now I'm using mineral wool and pink stuff in combination. I think I can get better and more consistent results. The hard part is finding a way to cover this and have it not look too janky... The 703, that I used in the past, already has a semi rigid face so covering with fabric is easy and makes a uniform surface. The mineral wool looks saggy so I need to add gaps between the absorption and the aesthetic fabric that you see which is then stretched to look uniform. The problem is artists like to touch and poke and lean on these traps. Without the backing behind the fabric I'm afraid it will eventually look "handled" after people's poking curiosity overcomes their logic... Here are some pics of the hanging traps that have the mineral wool/pink stuff in them. The white fabric is canvas that is used under the fabric that you see. Its job is to stop the fiberglass from escaping the trap. Black will be the final color in this room. Let's try to get more traps done this week!

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